WHY Future Healthcare?

The company has selected a team of distinguished doctors in the field of health care and also trained them on advanced programs that contribute to the accuracy and speed of issuing medical approvals and providing medical consultations.


Mission & Objectives

This clear and precise goal is achievable through strong and well-organized collaboration with our major partners; institutions and officials wishing to make a significant contribution to development in the field of health, with the objective to put in place the best medical services management system in Egypt and its region.

Our mission is to become the best health care provider; the most efficient and most economically attractive in Egypt and abroad.

To accomplish our mission, we follow a clear methodology based on the provision of innovative solutions; most appropriate and best adapted for each case and situation, while reducing the costs of care.

In addition, our health care management services help ensure the future continuity of the services we offer.

Internal task force

The company has a customer service team trained on the latest specialized programs in customer service management. The team is working around the clock to provide the necessary support to customers as quickly as possible.

A group of distinguished doctors has been carefully selected and trained to master advanced programs, thus creating our outstanding medical team.
The team reviews the case, provides the required medical consultations and gives approvals.
Besides, the team detects fraudulent practices that might occur either from some customers or from providers of medical service through the service "ONLINE".


    We provide a variety of efficient and innovative lines of services in the field of healthcare.

  • A full list of medical services in the best specialized hospitals and medical centres in Europe is made available to patients who are covered by insurance, either through their companies or as individuals.
    Patients who are unwilling, or unable to travel for any reason are offered an efficient help in diagnosis and treatment of their medical condition; we prepare and organise their medical files, transfer the documents through effective and rapid channels to the best specialized hospitals and medical centres to seek opinion from committees of expert doctors.
    Moreover, re-evaluation of pathology slides & blocks, specialized in depth immunological studies of the samples and other necessary up-to-date examinations in the most specialized centres in Europe are made available to our customers at their request. Similarly, CDs of different types of medical imaging done in Egypt can be transferred to the specialized centres in Europe to be re-read and evaluated whenever necessary.
  • Even patients not having any insurance cover are offered the same best medical services abroad for the best fair fees.
  • Providing all the necessary guidance, preparations, booking and follow up for Arab, African and any foreign patients wishing to benefit from the Egyptian breakthrough in the health care services and of the expertise of health care providers and specialized hospitals and medical centres in Egypt, combined with very attractive, incomparable cost of medical services.
  • Foreigners of all nationalities residing in Egypt are offered a very valuable, easy, rapid and efficient access to the most specialized and the most suitable health care providers all over the country. Follow-up of their cases is an essential part of our service.

Arab & African patients

In depth study of the current healthcare situation and the difficulties encountered in neighbouring countries has allowed us to:
Arranging agreements and partnerships with selected Egyptian hospitals and medical institutes capable of providing optimal health care services in a high quality and at a reasonable price.
Develop and implement a comprehensive annual plan to deploy Egyptian medical teams to provide health care services in coordination with officials of Egyptian embassies.

Cooperation with hospitals and health care authorities

Meeting the requirements of hospitals, clinics and medical centres in Egypt, providing the necessary :

  • Hardware: devices, accessories, supplies and consumables.
  • Software: management programmes and modernization of existing equipment.
  • Providing training programmes for healthcare staff and personnel including doctors, technicians and nursing bodies in the required fields and specialities.
  • Completion of all necessary arrangements related to short visits of experts from European medical experts in selected specialities to Egypt.
  • Providing early detection programs and European expertise in the fields of oncology and other serious diseases approved by health care organizations.
    Exporting Egyptian-made medical supplies and consumables.

Critical cases requiring treatment abroad will carefully studied. Approvals will be issued in coordination with the bank.

  • Organizing and preparing an integrated and complete medical file, creating a medical database record for patients.
  • Selection of the best and most specialized hospitals, medical centres and experts in various areas of specialization abroad to view the medical files of patients and determine the optimal management.
  • Booking appointments for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.
  • Provision of logistics services (accommodation, transportation, travel assistance, interpreter, accompanying physician).
  • We provide SOS and medical evacuation at the best price for cases in need of that.
  • Professional translation of medical and surgical reports, radiology and analysis reports as well as medical and pharmaceutical manuals and bulletins.
  • Pathology samples and CDs for diagnostic imaging instruments can be sent abroad for re-evaluation or for further in-depth testing on samples not available in Egypt.
  • Organization of check-up programs and early detection of diseases, especially for individuals at risk, in coordination with our expert partners in the most distinguished French hospitals.
  • Provision of medicines, medical supplies, spare parts and software updates for medical instruments.